Exploring new horizons? Let's embrace change together.

Who I Am

My CV can be summarized in one word: change! I jumped from theatre studies to linguistics, from linguistics to artificial intelligence, and from there into management. None of these transitions was obvious, and yet it feels like the only path I could have taken. I have lived in five countries by now. Every phase of being stuck and bored was followed by curious exploration. It never felt like starting over but always like evolution! That doesn't mean that any of this was straightforward. What that means is that I know a thing or two about staying adaptable in stressful times, saving myself from burnout, reaching out for help and taking control of my own life.

Right now, I am training to become a certified ACC-level coach with the International Coaching Federation. Basing my work on science is important to me: What about the way our brain is wired makes it resist change? What is the evolutionary function of emotions? How can we trick ourselves into doing things we want but that are hard?

My love for nature brought me from Germany to Ireland - a country wild, rough, and widely untouched. Even though I love to connect virtually and believe in a world that is digitally connected, I equally much enjoy using nature as a co-facilitator in face-to-face sessions.


How does coaching work?

We all know what a football coach does. But how do you coach someone to improve their overall life success and feeling of achievement? It's not that different! You can train your thinking patterns, your problem-solving abilities, and your perspective on life. It's just practice.

I am not here to solve your problems for you. As your ally, I am excited to help you solve them yourself. Coaches coach the person, not the problem. I can help you get perspective, train your reframing muscles and at times challenge you to rethink!

Coaching is future-focused: I will help you set your goals, help you understand how to reach them and support you in making sure that you know when you achieved them.

We will work with real-world situations that you collect from your daily life. We will be detectives together and solve the riddle of how to grow from here. If you want to get a sense for situations in which coaching can help, scroll down!


When to work with me!

I welcome diversity in gender, cultural background, sexual orientation and stages of professional development.

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Say Hi.

If you're interested in learning more about my coaching services and how they can potentially benefit you, please feel free to reach out through the contact form below. We will book a free "chemistry session" to see if we would enjoy working together. Whether you have questions or just want to have an open conversation about your goals and needs, I'm here to chat and provide information. Let's start a dialogue, and see where it leads. I'm genuinely looking forward to connecting with you.